Redvoltex is a rapid application studio for today''s ever connected devices such as Android, Iphone, ipad, black berry desktops etc. Application made using Redvoltex can run on any device or platiform with just a few clicks therefore saving you time in creating a cross platform application. Creating applications with Redvoltex is the easiest thing because it is a point and click software. You simply select an object and just draw. What you draw is what you get in the final application. Redvoltex uses javascript to develop rapid application that are cross platform, however any other language of your choice can be used with Redvoltex such as, vbscript, Asp or php. Great for learning to program in javascript, great for students seeking for a more advanced up-to-date web technology. Great for web site developers and web application developers. Tones of built in features and tools to help you create the best award winning application. With the ability to maintain the life cycle of your application. Syntext checking to catch the error before it runs, side by side file compare with the ability to show the difference in the second file, advanced intellisense to help you with syntex and help. You better try out the software. No word can summarize all the features and functions in just one sentence. Ready in English and Fran�?�§ois
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Windows 98 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows Me Windows 95 Windows 2000