SDCC 8051 Development System

SDCC is a freeware ,optimizing, C compiler that is created by Sandeep Dutta under the GNU General Public License. The package includes an ANSI 8051 C Compiler, 8051 Assembler, Linker, and example projects, some of which has been added by BiPOM Electronics. The linker that comes with SDCC has been modified by BiPOM Electronics to run SDCC seamlessly in our Micro-IDE environment. SDCC has applies standard optimizations such as global sub-expression elimination, loop optimizations, constant folding & propagation, copy propagation, dead code elimination, and jump tables for 'switch' statements.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 6.26 MB
Version 2.22
Operating System Windows NT Windows 95 Windows 7 Windows Me Windows Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 98 Windows 2000