VistaSuite is a Unicode control suite for Visual Basic 6 that gives you the ability to quickly create professional applications that have Vista visual styles and advanced features, regardless of their operating system. It consists of many controls, each bringing a revolutionary fresh new look and set of rich features to your applications. Look And Feel Technology - Vista look under Windows 98/Me/2000/Vista/2003/Vista/7/8/10 with three different color schemes Automatic Row Height Calculation - The VistaListBox can calculate row height automatically to fully display row data regardless of column width. Advanced AlphaBlending Support- The background picture in VistaDTPicker, VistaListBox, VistaPicture, VistaTreeview and VistaFrame built-in alphablending support. Auto Completion - The VistaComboBox built-in auto completion support. Auto Width- Automatically fit all displayed columns within the Vistalistbox or VistaComboBox control to eliminate the horizontal scrollbar. Automatic Formatting - With the VistaListBox, you can create conditional formatting with only writing single line of code!. Context Menus- The VistaPicture built-in context menus, you can reduce the amount of code you write and deliver more capabilities to your end users. Compression - For applications that require compression facilities, The VistaSuite library includes a zlib library (zlib v1.2.3). Embedded Database - For applications that require embedded database facilities, the VistaSuite library includes a SQLite3 engine. Encryption - For applications that require encryption facilities, The VistaSuite built-in encryption support. MySQL COM Client- For applications that require mysql client facilities, The VistaSuite Library has joined the MySQL COM Client (Its more faster and better than VB MySQL API). Multi Column Header - The VistaComboBox control built-in multi column header support. Ping and Trace Route - For applications that require ping and trace route facilities, The MyWinsock control built-in ping and traceroute support. Built-in Search and Filter Dialog - The VistaListBox and MyADODC control built-in search and filter dialog, you can reduce the amount of code you write. Unbound/Bound Mode - Most of the controls in the Vistasuite Library can work in bound or unbound mode. Upload and Download File - For applications that require FTP client facilities, The MyWinsock control built-in ftp-upload and ftp-download functions.
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Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows NT Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 10 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows
System RequirementsVisual Basic 6