WebtorrentX is a torrent-streaming client. It is open-source and anyone can make a copy of it and can make their own torrent streaming client. Why you use WebTorrentX? 1) It is advertisement-free. 2) It is built in C#, so it takes less power to run, so if you are using laptop your battery will last longer while you are using WebTorrentX. 3) It is open-source, so we are transparent that we are not transferring your data to NSA. 4) It will be always free. It is open source and so have the source code, it is a movement that lots of people will clone this software and make their own Torrent Streaming client. Nobody can make it a non-free software. 5) It supports every video files you know because we have integrated libvlc. You can stream any torrent file you want.
License Free
File Size 24.01 MB
Version 0.1.1
Operating System Windows Windows 10 Windows XP Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows 7
System Requirements Minimum Requirement is having a Windows XP