FurthurNET is for bands that allow taping of their concerts, or maybe who don't allow taping per-se, but will allow people to trade what has been taped over the years. FurthurNET is not like Kazaa or Napster because it does not allow trading of studio albums or of the music of bands that do not allow their fans to collect their concert recordings. Furthurnet is not a way for people to steal music and bootleg official releases. It's a way for fans, most of whom are passionate about their music, to share whatever live recordings exist of their favorite bands. FurthurNET is one way to satisfy that interest and to ensure the preservation of whatever live concert recordings exist. FurthurNET is completely non-profit venture. It was started by music fans and its run by and for music fans. FurthurNET is 100% free and no gain will ever be made by the FurthurNET staff from the application. It is a strictly non-commercial venture. Commercial and copyrighted material is strictly prohibited from the network, and this rule is actively enforced. By design, the network has built in security features to discourage and block out this "illegal" content. The FurthurNET administrative team and and the majority of the FurthurNET user base understands, accepts, and avidly supports the network's stance on commercial material, and all are active participants in policing the network to ensure that no one posts "illegal" content., and that such content is promptly removed.
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