eDonkey is a File Sharing program. This means that it will give you the opportunity to share files you have on your computer with other users on the network, and you will in turn be able to download files of them. What makes it different? There are a lot of file sharing programs out there, eDonkey is a little different from each of them (we like to think a little better). Unlike several programs (most notably the now defunct napster) eDonkey does not have one central server. There are literally hundreds of servers out there, each of them run by another eDonkey user, wanting to help the network, while we haven't gathered any precise statistics, we do know that there are servers on every continent (except antarctica), with a high concentration in europe. eDonkey is also smart enough to tell the difference between two files, even if they have the same file size and name, this has two advantages, firstly it ensures that unique files are properly presented, and secondly, that when several identical files are found eDonkey can download from those independent sources at the same time, making your downloads faster! This unique file identification also allows you to create links to the files you have, sending them to friends or family, or put them on your website, so users who have eDonkey installed as well can download that exact same file from your, or any other user who has it!
File Size1.05 MB
Operating System Windows NT Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP