GLUON Slugger

Organize Your Department and Reduce Confusion...Use Slugger.This indispensable Trafficking and Document information is stamped compactly and conveniently, yet very legibly on each page. If you run a Print Department with complex or high-volume jobs or have a small studio with tons of printouts everywhere, then GLUON Slugger will make sure that your documents always travel with pertinent information attached. We have provided a detailed cost savings analysis for those with budgetary concerns. Slugger pays for itself within weeks if not days. Slugs are completely customizable via the Customizer. Features include: Multiple Slug layouts, info, logos, etc. Select slug preset from dialog pop-up Create slugs with help of 15 default slug type templates Several new slug types: Rotated slugs Postscript, paper-relative slugs (as opposed to page-relative); eliminates pasteboard limits Registration slug type, edits XPress's regmark area info Extra page slug type, places slug on new separate page in document (cover page) Improved Customizer dialog More Slugger Lists Ability to make a static text box (updated only once at beginning) Independent secondary slug box Save As... or doc rename initiates new Slug Barcodes for job numbers (new element type) Build Installer Package--function for IT managers GLUON Link for convenient updates Slug Element toggle (eg. turn off Signoff, Chips, etc. in User Login dialog) Cropster aware--fills in Bleed, Trim, Safety and Folds automatically Much more
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • QuarkXPress 4.1 or higher
  • Slug Customizer 5.15 or higher