A simple stylish application that allows you search, retrieve, analyze and then organize your digital photo library. Displaying easy to read tabular data and thumbnails that allow you to edit how you want your photo library organized. EzeFile will search through all your folders finding your pictures and help you bring them into one organized location. Many photo editing programs use their own database and back end file structure to catalogue your media making it easier to find your files in their application, with little thought of what it all looks like on the back end. EzeFile was developed to take that mess and help you start a fresh with your files right in the native Windows folder structure. Allowing you to untangle the mess created by importing your files via other programs. Take back control of your media library and install EzeFile today. Features: Find media files buried within your PC - Ezefile will search all child folders to retrieve your files. Catalogue and organize your media. Search for duplicate files. Move your files into a new structure designed by you. Select which file type to organize. Search for specific files, include or exclude them for your project. Rename multiple files at once. Organize into events. Pick your own folder structure for your files. Copy or move your files to your new structure. View files and their hidden attributes. Search for duplicate files. Export for file library to Excel, change your structure and then upload the new structure back into Ezefile.
LicenseFree to try
File Size71.41 MB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows