Wizzypage is a w.y.s.i.w.y.g (what you zee iz what you get) web page design utility. It is an alternative to bloated web page design applications which try to automate too much of the smaller details of the web page creation process. Wizzypage simply provides the means to quickly design web page layouts while leaving any advanced scripting or detailed formatting to the user. Wizzypage allows the user to add, position, and edit content "areas" on a web page using a series of mouse-click activated popup menus. These areas can then be dragged around and resized on the design surface to explore alternate layouts. Wizzypage's text editor automates basic html coding chores like font and paragraph formatting or the assignment of background colors and images. Even without knowing anything about html coding, a Wizzypage user can create fairly complex web page layouts in a minimal amount of time.
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