Sample Quark Job Jackets for QuarkXPress 7

Quark�??�??�?�¢�¢?�¬�?�¡�??�¢??�??�?�® Job Jackets�??�??�??�?�¢�??�¢??�?�¢�¢?�¬�?�¾�??�¢??�??�?�¢ will transform the way you work by ensuring your QuarkXPress�??�??�?�¢�¢?�¬�?�¡�??�¢??�??�?�® files are created according to the requirements of a particular output device or type of output. See document in product page that explains the concept of Job Jackets in more detail.
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows NT Windows 2003
System RequirementsQuarkXPress 7