Steve Murphy's File Renamer

This program makes renaming and moving you digital photos as easy as you'd ever hoped possible. To use the program at its simplest just select the files you want to rename, enter the new name you want to use and press the Rename button. All the selected files will be renamed using the entered text followed by a sequential number which can be padded with zeroes so the sort order isn't messed up in Windows Explorer. The file extension is not changed of course. If you want, you can automatically move the renamed files to a directory of your choice. Renamer remembers the file names and directories you've used before and lets you select them from a list for later reuse. If you drag and drop a folder or a set of files from Windows Explorer onto the shortcut to the Renamer, the files will be highlighted ready for renaming and clicking the Rename button will close the program when completed.
File Size1.32 MB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows NT Windows Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000