It is a system composed of a Web for mobile devices that allows recording warnings and URL associated to any geopoint in the planet. These warnings can be seen automatically in terminals with the application when approaching the geopoint, so that the information arrives in the place that interest. Its a new form to see the Web. You can: put warnings like in a georeferenced daily or connect URL associated to geopoint which will appear in your terminal when arriving to that point. You can subscribe to public warnings emitted by other people and organizations; share your position with people and see their positions. It allows you to know where your friends and family are (of course, with privacy guaranteed). The application works with GPS and Internet, so that it is possible to be used in any place of the world.
License Free
File Size 175.82 kB
Version 0.1
System Requirements Windows Mobile 5.x, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0