Image Enhancer is a desktop application based on Image Processing concepts. A set of total 64 basic and complex Image Processing filters are implemented here. Moreover snapshots can be captured using video surveillance camera/webcam attached with the computer. About This software was developed using Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.0 and Visual C#. Currently running version is 1.0.This project uses AForge.Net Framework for computer vision and image processing. It is basically a C# framework designed for developers and researchers by Andrew Kirillov in the fields of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.The official page for AForge.Net framework is Main Features: A sum total of 64 simple and complex image processing filters are incorporated. More filters to be added soon. Supports .JPG , .JPEG and .BMP formats. I am trying to incorporate .TIFF format also. Video Buffering is possible with the use of any USB or Surveillance Camera. Snapshots of the video can be taken from Video Buffering. Download It is more recommended that you directly download the latest source codes from the Source Codes page. There's also a stable beta release available at the Downloads page. Cite Image Enhancer If you are reusing this code/software for further development/other purposes or using this this software for R&D/ your own publication/research, you are requested to cite Image Enhancer manual in your related publication. Precisely saying, while citing: first write the Software owner Name(Abhisek Hazra),document name(name of the documentation for Image Enhancer) and lastly the link of the homepage of Image Enhancer in CodePlex. Futuristic Approach At the present moment I am trying to enhance this software to include some more filters along with added functionality which are not present in AForge framework. For this reason this project may change rapidly. Please keep visit the Image Enhancer Page for continuous updates.
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Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher