ColorTime Photo Editor

ColorTime is a photo editor that makes it fun and easy to manipulate the color in your images. Using a unique touch gesture, you can color grade your images full-screen in real-time without a distracting user interface. Inspired by feature-film grading technology, ColorTime is both powerful and fun to use. Just touch the screen and drag. ColorTime's unique gesture interface allows you to effortlessly change color and brightness of the shadows, midtones or highlights in your photo. Just drag up to make brighter, down to make darker, or select a warm color to the right, or a cool color to the left. It's the simplest and easiest color picker you've ever used. ColorTime uses OpenGL graphics processing technology so that you can manipulate up to 16.7 Megapixel photos in real-time. VertexGrade technology allows you to long-tap and drag to select part of your photo. You can then change just the area selected. Make as many selections and as many changes as you like, it won't slow ColorTime down. As you edit, all changes are non-destructive, you don't loose information. ColorTime's inbuilt shape allows you to assign one look to the inside of the shape and another to the outside. At its simplest, you can darken the edges of an image to create a vignette, or go further and create your own unique effect. Press the play button and ColorTime will smoothly animate the color in your photo.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.0.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None