MediaLab AlphaMania 2

AlphaMania 2 gets rid of the jaggies in Director and takes the pain out of changing backgrounds. Import PICT, TGA, and PhotoShop* layers into Director and place them over any background, anywhere and they look smooth and anti-aliased. Animate them across multicolored backgrounds and they still look great. AlphaMania cast members are scalable too. AlphaMania creates 'smart' Director cast members that dynamically antialias to anything behind them just like Director's rich text. It provides authors with a bitmap cast member which support live alpha channel rendering. AlphaMania also allows transparency support for doing never before possible special effects like glass buttons or transparent objects that can be animated over multicolored backgrounds while maintaining their transparency. True dynamically feathered shadows are now possible in Director. All are independent of the sprite location, color depth, and changing backgrounds. Download free trial.
File Size3.47 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows XP Windows NT Windows Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Director version 5 or higher
  • Photoshop version 3 or higher