PhotoCleaner fixes most common problems with digital camera or scanned images with one click! Just drag and drop your image file into PhotoCleaner and click Result button. Or select the directory that contains images to process multiple images at once. Powerful algorithms of the PhotoCleaner will do the rest. PhotoCleaner performs the sequence of operations that are usually done manually using some general-purpose image-editing program like Adobe Photoshop. The main difference is that it does it automatically without having you to learn a sophisticated user interface and spend a lot of time crawling step-by-step. If you wish you can turn any of these processing steps on and off. The following steps are performed when the image (or multiple images, when the batch mode has been selected) is processed, assuming that all checkboxes on Settings page are checked: Levels adjustment with optional color correction Resize Vignette Color boost Sharpen Add frame
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Version3.4.0 Build 0391
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