ImageVice is a new tool for Web and multimedia designers that solves the problem of bloated graphics file sizes and provides a solution to make Web pages load up to three times faster and a solution to have up to three times the content in the same space. ImageVice can make GIF, PICT, BMP and PNG (the most popular multimedia formats) format images up to 70% smaller. That is not 70% smaller than the original RGB images, that's 70% smaller than the next best tool can make those same files. Nothing can even begin to approach the compression levels possible with ImageVice. ImageVice color reduction technology uses a procedural method for removing space-variant system imperfection, neural modeling of the logarithmic response of the human visual system, and employs a new color mapping technique based on perceptual criteria for shape-form shading to produce superior visual results and also greatly improved compression levels.
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Version 2.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4
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