Aperture Assistant

Aperture Assistant is an automation helper for Apple's Aperture application. It allows you to easily set up complex tasks and workflows by putting together visual flowcharts. Some of the main features: Automatically find all Libraries on your computer and easily swap between them. Export images using different presets depending on metadata/ratings etc. Export to different folders depending on metadata. Export echoing Aperture's internal organisational structure. Open exported files in another application, without setting up a hot folder. Export any combination of metadata to comma- or tab-delimited text files, one per output folder or one per Version. Set metadata and Version Names from other metadata, for instance setting up more complex date naming. Find and replace in metadata. Find all the Albums that a Version appears in and then reveal those Albums (Aperture 2.1 and higher). Add Versions to Albums automatically (Aperture 2.1 and higher). Make Burn Folders directly from the Masters, whether they are managed or referenced. Create Keynote presentations with body and title text based on metadata. Find and tag duplicate Masters.
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