MirrorArt is a drawing program for the child in all of us. I wrote it as a way to teach the basic skills of using a computer through the beauty of art. MirrorArt is being introduced for children and adults to enjoy. MirrorArt, in addition to allowing creation of beautiful drawings, teaches these computer skills: use of a computer mouse; use of a computer mouse's left, right and middle buttons; use of a keyboard; navigation of common windows dialog boxes (printer selection, loading and saving of files, color selection). The other objective of MirrorArt is to allow someone, no matter what their artistic experience is, to create beautiful drawings in seconds.The secret behind MirrorArt is its ability to "mirror" the mouse strokes of the artist. This allows drawings of beautiful symmetry. MirrorArt also provides a dozen shapes plus "line mode" that can be used for a drawing. Another feature that adds to MirrorArt's beauty is "Gradient" mode which creates beautiful rainbow effects. By changing the numbers underneath the Gradient selection bar you can adjust the way the colors change from one to the next. The last feature of MirrorArt that makes it special, is the "fill" mode that allows you to point at a part of your picture and fill parts between the lines.
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