ePendo-Love Outline Font

Use this font to embellish your writing, with love. Pendo, the font name, means Love in Swahili . "Exotic" is the core intent of this expressive font. The prefix "e" is a rating KamaHapa uses and it refers to "Extended Character Set." That means this font, is larger than the "a" rated (i.e. "Abridged Character Set) versions that are English-Only characters. "e" rated fonts have more than 250 glyphs: roughly 10 times the English alphabet in single-case! That includes Euro glyphs (Unicode 2.0+), for example French characters and other European-Origin glyphs that can work with custom keyboards. All KamaHapa fonts have basic math glyphs. For example; addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, greater-than, less-than and percent. However, the "e-rated" fonts include additional math glyphs, such as: greater-than or equal-to; less-than or equal-to; sum; product; delta; differential; integral; radical/root; approximate. And there's lots more glyphs, for example; section break, fractions, copyright, register, trademark, cross and much more. All KamaHapa fonts are, by policy, TTF-first (True-Type-Font-first) which guarantees they work across the idiosyncrasies of technology. TTFs work on most platforms or operating systems: Windows PCs, Macs, Android* devices, iOS* devices, Linux machines, BlackBerry* and many mobile devices. You can't use OTF (open type font) on Android devices for example. That's a big deal! TTFs were there before the internet became public and that's what gives TTFs their timeless quality. All KamaHapa font packages included the following files: - DEMO (PDF) - DESCRIPTION (PDF) - HOW-TO-INSTALL on Windows 7x/8x (PNG) - LICENSE AGREEMENT (PNG) - EXECUTABLE FONT (either TTF, OTF, Web Font)
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows 98 Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows 8 Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows NT Windows Me