This new version 3.0 of 1on1Lite is the boldest step yet in e-mail privacy. The people who made self-destructing e-mail famous have upgraded their free software to hack-proof National Security Agency encryption levels and have added the robust capabilities that now make it a stand alone, completely secure e-mail environment. Major features of this new version include folder management, address book capacity to 100,000 names, context sensitive interactive help, filtering, and multiple signature file and automatic reply template capabilities; all previously unheard of in e-mail encryption technology. The real bell ringer in this heavyweight release is the new "Ooops" button which allows you to destroy messages that you really wish you hadn't sent - even after they have arrived in the recipients inbox and even after they have been opened! You can also now mark a message "read only" so that it can't be copied or printed out and distributed.The program sits on your desktop, as an 'Instant Messenger' like overlay, creating a secure communications channel for sensitive messages and attachments you don't want anyone but your intended recipient to see. The new version includes previous timed "self-destruct" capabilities, sender and recipient identity encryption in transit, and delivery and "message read" tracking with new interactive installation and registration technology that can have it up and running on your desktop minutes after the download.Download this program now with their all new Grabfile download wizard. This all new technology is interactive and allows the download to be resumed at any point in process should it need to be paused for any reason. Download 1on1Lite Version 3.0 now and begin safeguarding your privacy with the highest level of e-mail security available on the Internet.
File Size129.88 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows NT 4 Windows
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/NT4