Collective 8 Audio Unit Bundle

F8-V2 is an audio unit effect with 8 LFOs and 8 time-varying amplitude modulators. F8-V2 works by copying the audio input into 8 independent streams. Each LFO and sequence pattern can be set independently. The filters can be set as highpass, bandpass or lowpass. Each stream may have an amplitude pattern set independently, as well. You can draw any sequence pattern you want, with an easy-to-use editing interface using Bezier curves. Custom design any amplitude envelope of any shape. After processing, the streams are then remixed together. This 8 X 8 array gives an unlimited number of options and sounds, ranging from subtle and rich tremolos and wah-like sounds to over-the-top, novel effects. F8-V2 can be used as a mono or stereo effect. F8-V2 comes with over 200 presets designed for different instruments, although the various categories are interesting and fun to apply to any sound. This is a versatile and expressive effect with a wide range of uses. F8-V2 comes bundled with Res8 and Mod8 - The Collective 8 Audio Units. Res8 and Mod 8 AUs are free to registered F8-V2 users. Mod8 and Res8 have similar sequence pattern configurations to F8-V2. But instead of LFO's, Res8 has the choice of a driven, nonlinear, multi-stage filter or formant filters that can be independently applied to each audio stream. Mod8 has a range of modulation effects like vibrato and ring modulation. It also has echo, reverb, sub-octave, and pitch shifting. The result is up to 8 different effects running all at the same time, each with its own settings and amplitude sequences. This layering gives unlimited options to create incredibly interesting effects, from intricate and wild effects, to rich, textured reverb, echo, chorus-type effects.
Price USD 45
License Purchase
File Size 3.37 MB
Version 2.1
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
System Requirements Audio Unit Host