Defective Records Software proudly introduces VSTi Host 3.0, the brand new version of the original Macintosh application that allows VST instrument and effect plugins to be used outside of larger host applications (like Cubase, Logic, etc.). It also allows for sequencers that may not have native support for VST plugins and/or instruments (like ProTools, Vision, Digital Performer, and Metro for example) to use them, as long as the sequencer supports OMS. VSTi Host is perfect if you have an extra Mac that you'd like to put to use as a virtual synth and/or effects unit, or if your sequencer of choice doesn't support the VST plugins you'd like to use. Previous versions of this software have garnered excellent mentions in Electronic Musician, Sound on Sound (UK), and Recording magazines, as well as in numerous online resources. Version 3.0 now elevates this application to even greater heights. Perhaps the best feature remains its user-friendly price - only $35 ($10 for upgrade from version 2.0), and available directly via online purchase!
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • 604e PPC or better
  • Opcode OMS 2.3.x
  • VST plugin(s)