SampleBox 2 is Launchpad ready! Trigger the players by simple playing on your Launchpad. New Mapping modes - QWERTY Launchpad MIDI Keys. New dynamic interface allow to make up to 120 players. Two types of triggers: One-Shot / Toggle - Play a sample throughout or Toggle start stop (if loop is on). Key Velocity - Play or Loop the sample for as long as its key is pressed down. New Loop functions: Standard loop on the end of file. New Synced Loop mode allows for synced looped sample playback, adjusted by a master metronome. Fit your audio sample in the tempo's division (Full Bar, Quarter, Eighths) so the audio loop follows the tempo. Four stereo master outputs. Each stereo outputs supports up to three VST effect plugins. Separate panning, level, solo and mute on any stereo output. New click track - Adjust the metronome's sound. New Outputs mini view on the main window. Further adjust any players audio by selecting: Audio clip playback region. Select from where to start and where to stop each audio clip's playback. Level envelop - Now with curves! Design the envelop, and alt+grad on a line to curve it. 3-band equalizer on each player.
Price USD 16.5
License Free to try
File Size 23.6 MB
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7
System Requirements None