BandMaster is a phenomenal tool for improvising musicians of all genres. In essence it emulates a backing band consisting of bass, drums and piano on the computer. Using BandMaster couldn't be any easier. Opening an existing song or picking a template for a new one is all that is needed to get started. Settings for count in, speed and number of chorusses are readily available in the main window and a familiar set of buttons for play, stop and pause handles the rest. Creating original content in BandMaster is also very easy and requires very little typing. Most editing is done by click, copy, paste and dragging. Mass edit tools like replace or transpose tools are available as well as a set of macros that can be applied to blocks of measures. BandMaster comes with 6 groups of song templates and additional content containing around 1100 songs is available for download free of charge. Creating a basic blues from a template for example takes all but 3 mouse-clicks. For playback BandMaster offers many standard features and some very unique capabilities. Instruments are broken down into individual tracks that can be muted or soloed. A full set of General MIDI instruments is available to each track as are volume and octave adjustments. In addition instruments can be silenced during specific chorusses. Our blues could thus start with a chorus of bass only maybe, and then kick in some drums and piano later.
Price USD 19.99
License Purchase
Version 1.1.5
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10
System Requirements None