Did you ever dream of conducting an orchestra? Maestro is the app for you. Through the use of advanced camera technology and gesture recognition, Maestro allows you to lead an orchestra through the world's favorite classical masterpieces. Your musicians are a group of three dimensional characters, whose appearances and instruments you choose. These guys know what they're doing, so even if your conducting is a little shaky at first, your attentive orchestra will follow your lead. The only way to mess up is to stop completely, thereby confusing your players and causing them to come to a grinding halt. In order to conduct, move your hand in a horizontal motion from one side of your camera to the other at about arm's length away. As soon as your movement has been recognized, a processed image of your hand, an onscreen beat counter, and clear RED indicators will be shown on the screen. All you have to do is give your orchestra a four count, and then they will start playing! For those that are "camera shy", or don't have a camera, don't worry! Maestro also has a feature that allows you to simply tap the beat. Regardless of your conducting methods, your skilled musicians will become visually illuminated when they are busy playing their part, and the screen graphics will pulse to your song. So jump in and try your hand to see if you have what it takes to conduct an orchestra! Let the music begin! Disclaimer: The camera is only used to control the app. The image seen by the camera is not recorded or transmitted in any way
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements Requires Intel AppUp center.