Creates Ableton Live Drum Racks. Automatically create up to 25 new Drum Racks at a time. Saves Drum Racks to the default Ableton Live Library location. Analyzes your sample library for drum samples and categorizes the the sounds it finds. .WAV or .AIFF The Drum Rack's key map is based off of GM2 Percussion Map. The key map is cross referenced with the library analysis to place a random sound on a key and keep that sound within the same category. The idea is that the C1 key will always have a kick sound while the D1 key will always have a snare sound. The analysis of your sample library is saved so that you only have to analyze your library once. If you want to use a new source of sounds just re-analyze your library or browse to the new source of samples.
License Free
File Size 653.42 kB
Version 0.3
Operating System Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows
System Requirements Adobe Air 2.6