AirFader is a software-based "virtual control surface" for digital mixing consoles. It is designed to be touch-screen-friendly for use with Tablet PCs, but also works on laptops and desktop computers. By connecting the digital console to a wireless router, AirFader becomes a wireless remote control, allowing the operator to leave the console and tweak the mix from anywhere in the room. Because almost all channel-based parameters are controllable, a full sound check can be done from within the software. Controllable parameters for channels, mixes, and buses include: Head Amp (HA) gain, Phantom Power, Phase, Fader level, Mute, Pan, Parametric EQ, Dynamics, Mute Group, DCA Group, and CUE. In addition, Output port gain, delay time and phase can also be controlled - ideal for time-aligning delayed zones. Sends on Faders mode allows individual monitor mixes to be controlled on the faders. Mix and DCA Masters are also available (when supported by the console.) AirFader is designed to interface with specific digital mixing consoles. Without a connection to the mixing hardware the software will operate in demo mode, but will not actually mix audio.
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Operating System Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 2003