soundBlade is Sonic Studio�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?¢s answer to a busy engineer�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?¢s need for a streamlined, hifi alternative to available PCM production applications. soundBlade combines ease of use, unrivaled fidelity and exceptional value with features that speed day to day tasks. soundBlade runs natively on the secure and user friendly Mac OS X, relying on Core Audio for default I/O so hardware lock�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??in is eliminated. For in�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??depth signal manipulation, soundBlade offers AU and VST plug�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??in support, and either type can be used in any order in the signal path. The application also combines Sonic Studio�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?¢s famed EFM�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â??�?â??�?�¢ and 4 point editing capabilities with their SSE�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â??�?â??�?�¢ real time audio engine and optional, hardware accelerated DSP processing for the finest fidelity money can buy. soundBlade combines Sonic Studio�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?¢s benchmark premastering functionality with the signal processing, restoration and comprehensive editing that discriminating mastering engineers are asking for. Some soundBlade particulars: Mac OS�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??native �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? no kernel extensions or mandatory hardware AU & VST plug�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??in support �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? use your favorite processing Unique 4 point editing with EFM �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? extreme editorial speed and precision Precision waveforms �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? Look into your audio with confidence Instant PQ creation �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??complete & fully adjustable Ref Book support Delivers DDP file sets plus background CD �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?�?refs�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?? �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? never worry about replication again Bundled with Vive AU plug�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??in for restoration �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??iZotope technology in a free package NoNOISE II�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â??�?â??�?�¢ & reNOVAtor�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â??�?â??�?�¢ restoration tools �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? reference grade repair Optional DDP File Open �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? for those major label jobs and for end�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??to�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??end QC Optional QuickTime Interlock �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? when you need to mix to pics Optional Series 300 FireWire�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??attached DSP Processors �?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?? complete professional, autonomous recording, routing, processing, mixing and routing, with up to 8 channels of 192 k AES/EBU I/O soundBlade is not sold by big box houses and music stores. It�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â?¢s designed for audio engineers who care about quality and maintaining the highest level of fidelity available today while offering the speed and efficiency of our time�?�?�?�¢�?â??�?â?¬�?â??�?â??tested and proven workflow.
Price USD 1795
License Purchase
File Size 34.52 MB
Version 1.2.2
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
System Requirements 1 GHz G5 or newer
2 GB or more RAM
10.4.3 or newer
FireWire audio peripherals only