Artificial Intelligence that eVOLVes AUDIo, color, and musical instruments you play with the mouse. Its a Java software that creates reusable Java software without your help. Move the mouse to play music and click "Sounds Good" or "Sounds Bad". Each time, it evolves a new interaction of sound, color, and mouse movements. It starts with no knowledge and no structure for representing sound (or color or mouse), like pitch, note events, or combinations of effects. Instead, it writes Java code that calculates the amount of electricity flowing to each speaker 44100 times per second (44.1 khz), so it can theoretically evolve any simple sound. For example, teach Audivolv to make electric-guitar-like sounds when the mouse changes direction and to make the window more blue when the sound is more distorted on the left speaker or louder on the right, or anything else it predicts you will say "Sounds Good". If it makes no sound (or ignores the mouse), click "Sounds Bad" and it learns to play sound (and watch the mouse) more often.
File Size1.63 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows 3.x Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows NT Windows Server 2008 Windows 98 Windows 2003 Windows 95 Windows
System RequirementsJava Runtime Environment 1.5