EPIC FX is a sample library that contains more than 400 sound effects designed for adding impact to your music productions, trailers, cinema and TV post production, jingles, animation and video presentations. This collection features transitions, blasts, hits and impacts, organized as presets in Native Instruments KONTAKT 2 format, as well as directly accessible as WAV audio files. The sounds contained in EPIC FX have been created using a wide range of sound design and recording techniques and are organized into two main categories: 24 Composite sound effects, also available as separated elements (intros, hits, tails) for a total of 75 samples; 347 sounds consisting of transitions, intros, hits, blasts, metallic and dark impacts. EPIC FX is an exceptional money and time saver with top quality sounds at an attractive price, your shortcut to the huge, "larger than life" kind of sound featured in some of the latest movie productions, simply a must have for any composer and sound designer working with films, trailers, TV and jingles.
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