A totally new way to listen to your music and a way to boost your creativity. iKlax Creator Free is a post production software that shall be used after you've gone through your sequencing without changing your usual recording methods. Publish your music in the iKlax multitrack audio format and therefore offer many arrangement versions, for every instrument. Import your stem track from various formats (MP3, OGG VORBIS, WAVE, AIFF, CAF, AU) without decompressing them. Organize your song's structure and program your various arrangements versions. You can opt to create an iKmix (= a mix configuration). At the end you can export your iKlax file in a compressed quality. The listener will then be able to browse through your song's architecture and access the various versions you've proposed, and do some mixes of his own. For iKlax files playback, download iKlax Player for free on iklaxmedia.com. iKlax Creator Free is the low end of the iKlax Creator Series range and offers the main features of the software for free. This version is ideal to introduce the interactive music concept before moving on to the more complete iKlax Creator Standard and iKlax Creator Pro versions. About iKlax: iKlax has been imagined and produced by the French company iKlax Media. The format allows various actions on musical data, for instance on mixing and volumes arrangements without altering the traditional recording methods. The user is no longer passive during playback; he can become actor as well by remixing, as far as the limits the artist has set. More info on the iKlax audio format and the iKlax Creator Series range on www.iklaxmedia.com
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