Musical Palette - Melody Composing Tool

Musical Palette program is a tool for the creation of melodies. The program is based on composition theory and the theory of harmony. The strong theoretical base makes the melody composing process easier. The program implements twelve methods of motive development. Some of them are listed here: variation; inversion; repetition; sequence. The program knows the most commonly used triads and seventh chords of the key. The program understands the logic of the functional motion. That is, the program knows the rules, which describe how and in what sequence the chords appear in the chord progression. The program understands the 'voice-leading' rules. The rules define how one chord notes transform to another chord notes. The chord progressions, where these rules are used, sound very harmonious. The program contains demo-scripts, which show how to use the program. The program has an option that exports the melody to a midi file.Version 3.7 adds the option to switch off the 'autocompletion'.
Price USD 35
License Free to try
File Size 987.17 kB
Version 3.7
Operating System Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista