Drumachine R8

Drumachine R8 is a 8 part drum synthesizer with 7 drums (each with one sub drum) and a monophonic synthesizer. It has a interface which allow you to edit parameters quick and intuitive even if equipped only with a mouse. Using the edit knob you can, in addition to standard editing, change multiple parameters with both ease and speed. Features, 7 drums with one sub drum each plus a monosynth Bassdrum, snaredrum, closed highhat, shaker, handclaps, lo tom & ride cymbal Bassdrum, rimshot, open highhat, rev. shaker, cowbell, hi tom & rev. ride cymbal. Real time synthesis Monophonic synthesizer, Build in pitch shifter controlled by pitchbend and modwheel, Universal Binary.
Price USD 2.5
License Free to try
File Size 3.38 MB
Version 1
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4
System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4, Pluggo runtime 3.6