LyriPod is a program i threw together in realbasic which allows you to retrieve and store lyrics to songs on your iPod. Lyrics on your iPod? How obvious of an idea is that :P. It is a dirty hack at this point, but doesn't have to be. If this program is useful to you, let me know. (If) it's buggy, provide feedback. etc. It's a simple, three step process really: choose your iPod from the drop down menu; click the find songs button to begin parsing the iTunesDB file; highlight the song(s) you want to download lyrics for and click the get lyrics button which will attempt to retrieve them from the internet( and store them on your iPod. After this process completes, the status bar will show you how successful LyriPod was in retrieving lyrics. Any lyrics the program managed to download are stored on your iPod in the Lyrics folder under Extras.
File Size572.79 kB
Operating System Macintosh