Fazortan (32-bit)

With Fazortan, total control of the Phase shift parameter provides you with adjustability and allows obtaining the desired contour with high precision. Implement allpass filters comprising characteristics identical to its analog counterpart based on Operational Transconductance Amplifiers. Fazortan is like a copy of a retro phaser taken out from 70's and redone to become a virtual unit. Full control over two Lfo's (waveform, rate, depth and offset) is now available. Unlike in the hardware unit Fazortan's Lfo works in a various waveform mode: square, sinus, ascending saw, descending saw, and random. Endless countour diversity stretches results from monotonies sluggish swing to become a gurgling scrumble, just by a slight repositioning of the rate knob. Additionally it is now possible to add consecutive allpass stages as well as regulate the feedback effect. The amount of stages translates on how many humps and pits residues in the converted sound spectrum while feedback parameter value implies severity of these irregularities. Feedback knob gives you sounds from soft to rapid and drilling. To visually display how it works consider a white noise as an input signal. Moving the feedback knob will start to morph incoming "sea waves" reminiscent noise into "windy" whiz. Additionally each Lfo can be modified by altering its respective phase giving as a result an improved panning of the incoming signal.
Price USD 34.26
License Free to try
File Size 3.66 MB
Version 1.3.1
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements VST host