WOW is a super-sounding state-of-the art filter plug-in featuring a mad modulation system, juicy filters and bringing you vowel sounds unheard of. The modulation signals can be mixed individually for each parameter but they can just as well modulate each other. Filter features include 12/24db Highpass, 12/24db Bandpass, 12/24db Lowpass, comb filter, band reject, band crusher, and LF crusher. 2 Vowels can be mixed via Cutoff Control, with all available filter types. Modulation includes envelope follower (can work frequency-selective), LFO (can be retriggered by the audio signal), and step sequencer. The modulators can be mixed in the parameters rightclick menus and can modulate each other.
Price USD99
License Free to try
File Size 10.97 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Windows 7