Learn to sing in tune with HotPaw Sing-inTuna Sing-inTuna uses the built-in microphone on your iPhone to help you visualize if your are singing or playing an instrument on the right note. It graphs pitch on a scrolling graph resembling a musical Grand Staff. Tones that are on-pitch (+-20 cents) are colored green. This is not a music transcription application, just a fun learning aid. It requires a quiet environment with no accompaniment or harmony, and monophonic pitches that are at least 0.25 seconds long. The pitch range using the built-in mic is about +-2 octaves from middle-C, depending on the mic position, loudness, and timbre. Pitch history is not saved in this basic version.
Price USD9.99
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File Size 195.31 kB
Version 2.5
Operating System iOS