wifiTunes enables you to control iTunes via Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch. It builds a bridge between iTunes and your web browser, by providing an embedded web server. Thus making it possible to control iTunes with almost any modern browser�???�?�¢??�???�??�?�¹ on every computer that can reach your Mac on the network. Your iPhone or iPod touch becomes a high-end media remote control. Based on wireless LAN technology, it is not limited by walls, and will work throughout your house. wifiTunes has a user interface that closely resembles the look and feel of Apple's iPod wherever applicable. You have access to all your playlists including Smart Playlists, Podcasts, Movies and TV Shows, and you can select any track for playback�???�?�¢??�???�??�?�² within the selected playlist. wifiTunes will show the same artwork iTunes does, when a track is selected. A position bar can be shown, which can be used to jump to different positions within a track. Elapsed and remaining time of the current track are displayed below it. But there are even more controls. You can toggle shuffled playback on/off, and switch between remote (AirTunes) speakers. Just imagine the possibilities this opens. You listen to your music using your Mac in the living room. As you move along to the kitchen, you take your iPhone with you, and while still on the way, can switch to the speakers connected to the AirPort Express in the kitchen. The music will follow you around the house and you are always in full control. One very unique feature of wifiTunes is how you can set the volume using a two finger gesture. 1) for a list of tested browsers, please visit our website 2) see limitations on our website Apple, Mac, AirPort Express, AirTunes, iPhone, iPod, iTunes and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc.
File Size6.4 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.5 PPC Mac OS X 10.5 Intel Macintosh
System Requirements
  • any modern browser or iPhone / iPod touch