Syverb Volume 3: Mono Match

Save CPU power or just mix and match for effect. Volume 3 offers over 700 mono impulse responses ideal for supporting that weak snare drum on a mono fader or whacking out a texture with two completely different verbs panned in stereo. Broken down into 20 themed folders including many post processed effects verbs, this large collection will make your mixes a bit more flexible and give you a quick and system efficient solution to complex mixes. Syverb Impulse Responses are recorded at 48K 24bit and have been tested on Waves IR1(PC), SIR Reverb (PC), Voxengo Pristine Space(PC), and Altiverb (MAC). The samples will work with any Convolution Reverb program that uses .WAV files as their source. This demo collection contains 25 impulse responses in .wav format. Please visit our website for more information. If you like the reverbs, the full collection is only $13.95 available for Immediate Download.
LicenseFree to try
File Size10.74 MB
Operating System Windows Windows XP