Syverb Volume 4: Stack It Up

This demo collection contains 25 impulse responses in .wav format. Add a new special dimension to your mix with combined rooms, halls, ambiance and effects. Stack It Up doubles and triples impulse responses creating wider and deeper ambient spaces all contained in a single IR. The collection contains 500 impulse responses in five categories: Rooms and Halls, Rooms and Effects, Halls and Effects, Inside Outside, and Tripled IRS (Hall, Room and Effect). Stack it up can save CPU power in deeply effected mixes or just add more Syverb space on a single return. Perfect for any creative application. Syverb Impulse Responses are recorded at 48K 24bit and have been tested on Waves IR1(PC), SIR Reverb (PC), Voxengo Pristine Space(PC), and Altiverb (MAC). The samples will work with any Convolution Reverb program that uses .WAV files as their source.
LicenseFree to try
File Size14.31 MB
Operating System Windows Windows XP