The Virtual Fader Master is a MIDI control program written for Windows XP using the latest in software design and programming techniques. Inspired by the legendary J.L. Cooper Fader Master, this program improves on the original in several significant ways and gives MIDI Musicians a new, powerful tool for controlling sequencers and synthesizers. Some of the programs features are: 8 Faders and a unique X/Y grid controller which can be assigned to a wide variety of MIDI commands; GUI for configuring faders. No need to memorized MIDI command numbers and such; Numeric read out of all values; LED's indicate when MIDI commands are transmitted; 8 user defined presets for both faders and X/Y controller allowing instant store and recall of settings; MIDI Start/Stop for sequencer control; Reset button sends master reset and all notes off to all channels.
LicenseFree to try
File Size345.77 kB
Operating System Windows Windows XP
System RequirementsWindows XP