OneClickPlay is a fast and tiny utility that scans, creates, and launches a randomized playlist of all MP3, WMA, and MIDI files found in the folder it was installed in and all subfolders. You can scan for any audio files by using switches. This will create a OneClickPlay.ini file. Once this file is created, you don't have to use switches again. Should you want to make changes, just use the switches or edit OneClickPlay.ini. All music files in the playlist will be played by the player associated with M3U playlists. OneClickPlay is especially suitable for users who have content in music folders that is constantly changing. Version 2.0 is completely rewritten in C++, no longer needs extra libraries, and is even smaller. It offers several new switches for varioius options such as random file selections, subfolder exclusion, and the capability of running in hidden or in high-priority mode. It also offers an improved graphical user interface featuring ""files found"" and ""seconds elapsed"" counters.
License Free
File Size 43.87 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 95/98/2000/XP