The creative interface (72 skins in the complete set). File recording possibility.mp3 (including OGG a stream). Renewal of record after communication breakage. Stream record during chosen time. Unique function "Record from the beginning". In this mode probably to write down the pleasant song entirely, having heard it in the middle of sounding! Storing of loudness of each radio station. Station inclusion, deenergizing of the computer or transition in a sleeping mode during set time or through the set time interval. Possibility to distribute station on categories. The list of categories the adjusted. Fast reconnection to radio station at communication breakage. Possibility of addition of the radio stations. Work possibility through a proxy-server. 20 favourite radio stations on which switching is made. Hotkeys on all operations. Display of a lost song (if this information is present at a stream). Profile for management of the program from a mobile phone through Bluetooth. Updating of the list of radio stations through the Internet at start or at will of the user (the list of radio stations is periodically updated - new stations are added, leave inactive). Autonaming songs ("the Author - the Name") and division into tracks at stream record. Online a chat with costomer for updating of the list of radio stations.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP