Listen to your Favorite Radio - With its high-performance database, Snowtape is able to store thousands of radio stations for you to choose from. You can search for a particular station or sort the list by e.g. genre and bandwidth. You can also add any radio station onto your favorites list to help you quickly find the right station for your current mood. Instantly Record the Program - It's as simple as clicking a button. Hit the record button while listening to your favorite station and recording starts instantly. Snowtape is able to cut the recordings at audio track boundaries automatically. Snowtape can identify potential commercials or interludes. With the built-in track editor you can cut out any interfering audio you do not wish to be exported. 1-Click Export to iTunes - Simply click the "Export to iTunes" button and the audio track is encoded to high quality AAC audio and saved right into your iTunes. Album artwork and track titles are automatically exported as iTunes Audio Tags and get incorporated directly into the audio track during export. Import Internet Playlists - Snowtape can import .PLS and .M3U internet playlist files as well as .Webloc URL files. Simply drop your files onto the radio list or choose "Import Files" from the application menu. You can also provide Snowtape playlist or stream URLs. Snowtape checks every URL and only imports those that work. Drag & Drop iTunes Radio - As a bonus, Snowtape also understands items coming directly from iTunes. This means you can easily import a radio station onto Snowtape by clicking and dragging from the iTunes list. It works with any radio station you previously imported to iTunes as well as with the complete iTunes radio catalogue. Get Album Artwork - Vemedio partners with to give you the bonus of album artwork and additional album metadata. In most cases, Snowtape can download this information automatically for you. Alternatively, a "Get Album Info" button searches and adds any album info and cover artwork available.
Price USD 29
License Free to try
File Size 8.54 MB
Version 2.1
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.6 Intel Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.8
System Requirements None