Source One Radio

Connect with NPR One to listen to public radio stories and podcasts curated to your tastes.Your actions, such as skipping or giving a story the "thumbs up" affect the flow of stories.Source One Radio is also a streaming radio player for your local (or otherwise favorite) NPR Station.You can change your preferred station through the settings view and if your station has one or more streaming options your app will play the primary stream in the Live view or you can change the stream in settings.This app requires a free NPR developer account and personal app credentials. Visit, sign in or register an account and then follow the create app flow. Once you have an App ID and Secret head back over to Source One Radio on your Apple TV to begin enjoying NPR One on the big screen.Source One Radio is in no way affiliated with NPR, NPR One, or any of NPR's affiliate stations or entities.All photos, NPR logos, and affiliated station logos and marks are property of their respective owners.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires tvOS 10.2 or later. Apple TV.