This is the original TAS Fires app and is designed to provide up to date information about bush fire data in Tasmania, Australia for Android phone and tablet users.The information is provided to you in both a searchable/sortable list and on a map to help the user understand which fires are of importance to them. The information can also be shared via social media/email and text.It utilises data from the Tasmanian Fire Service RSS feeds on fires, wind data from the Bureau of Meteorology with your current location provided by the iPhone GPS.Using this information the application is able to provide a list of fires showing the nearest ones first, helping you to understand your current situation.The information is reliant on both the accuracy of the iPhone GPS and the data recorded on the TFS's website.This application does not cache any data, so Internet access (either Wireless. 3G or LTE) is required to access the data.Be aware that while P4G has utilised "best efforts" to provide this information to you, it is not intended to replace other sources of information on the fire situation near you. Also remember that fire and weather can change quickly.All data is provided Copyright from the Tasmanian Fire Service and the Bureau of Meteorology.This version is also trialling the ability to send notifications of new fires that you may want to know about. Create a watch zone around areas of interest.Follow P4G on twitter at P4G_Apps
Price 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up