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So what should you do to use SLAP? There are two simple steps.Swipe left if world and local news are interesting for you.Swipe right if the content you see is not interesting for you.Our artificial intelligence will feel you and learn in real timeAnd as soon as you like some fresh news from around the whole world, do not be silent!Share with your friendsEverything is very simple: you need to click the share button and select the source you want, let it be a social network or a favorite instant messenger. The more you share, the better your environment will be aware of what is interesting for you. Let them share too because you are as curious as they are.Artificial intelligence works for youThe more friends you invite, the better way artificial intelligence works personally for you. And if your interests coincide, then this can serve as a topic for a great kitchen conversation about hot tech news, or even become the beginning of a new romantic date.Swipe, read and shareModern Internet has a lot of content that is delivered to you through millions of different sources. Every day you look at your feed of breaking news and you drown in the headlines. And you miss most of them because that is not what you really want to read!Now imagine a magic trickYou go to the smart news app and see only actual and interesting news you like.Do you prefer:- world politics news;- hot Tech News;- sports news?Our artificial intelligence will pick you exactly these topics!But the miracle is that you do not need to subscribe to the loved sources of your preferences. After all, there could be an infinite amount of your interests and the number of categories may be insufficient.Lots of countries and languagesYou will get local news in the language that is mostly used in your country. But if you suddenly set off on a journey, wish to move abroad, or just want to read breaking news from another country and news in a foreign language, you can always choose what you wish in the settings.Just HeadlinesNowadays, people dont read the full text of the news articles or even a brief description. But the king of the hill is the title at the moment . 5 -10 words are the amount of information that the average user is ready to pick up.Slap gives opportunity to the consumers who read the headlines that are interesting to them. You can read all the famous sources that are broadcasting fresh local news within your country in a language that is convenient for you. Get hot headlines about everything you adore, react and share.Artificial Intelligence Shows Best ResultsArtificial Intelligence technologies will show you the best personal results. And if you want to get deeply acquainted with this or that information, you can always click Learn more button and go to the original source without leaving Slap, thanks to in app browser.Your Life, Your ChoiceOne interesting observation: your social circle chooses what you see in the social media timeline. Sometimes it can be frightening, offensive or just uninteresting. Slap gives you the opportunity to surround yourself only with your own hobbies, and thanks to the self-learning artificial intelligence, that selection of personalized content will amaze you with its accuracy from day to day. In simple words, if you want to create a positive news feed for yourself, do it by yourself.Swipe Left and RightSwipe simple ways of your finger, look like the movements of a magic wand. Because they are able to set your attitude and brighten up the time you spend on the Internet. And in addition, try to look at your news feed and interests from a different angle. Yes, exactly.Slap opens a window to the world of personal content.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.