Unread: Breaking & Smart News

Stay on diversity! Stories are divergently collected from curated feeds by Google News, yourcustomisable keywords and RSS of your favorite sites. All delivered in smart clean UI.KEY FEATURES:+ Google News : curated news on an infinity headlines view. You have options to choose categories, editions to read news in your languages.+ Smart Reader: stories are presented in smartview reading mode. No ads from source sites, save 3G data and zero time loading.+ Story Coverage: need to dive deep in a topic? Reader view also offers real-time and full coverage on stories, all articles on the topic.+ RSS Reader: If we miss your favorite sites, then you have a chance to add them by rss links.+ Customised Section: search any keywords and create your own section, that's all easy.+ Featured Sites: this pre-built collection offers most popular news publications around the world, for quick subscribing your daily papers.Lovely comments from users:Smart News"Finally an app giving and finding me the news I care about. It's filtering well, better than other apps, across media. A helper against information overload."Very Useful"I love this app it's very useful for reading newspapers. The stories are very interesting and I can read whenever and wherever I want. Would definitely recommend it to other users!"+ It would love to hear your voices of needs.Please use feedback button in the app for any feature request!
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.