La Izquierda Diario International Network is the first left news network on a world level with edition in five languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.Since its launch in 2014, it already counts with 20 million visits and an average weekly traffic of 400.000 visitors. The network is made up of 11 sites; La Izquierda Diario Argentina (LID) which has turned into an undisputed reference among its countrys media; Esquerda Dirio in Brazil and Revolution Permanente in France are in both cases the main lefts site in their respective countries; Also LID Mxico, in the Spanish State, LID Chile, KlasseGegenKlasse in Germany and Left Voice for the USA and Great Britain. LID Bolivia, LID Uruguay and LID Venezuela came along in May 2016 to seal the networks expansion in Latin America.We know that the International Network represents a historic novelty for the left. The great internationalist revolutionaries of the twentieth century did not have the technical means available to think and to realize a project like the one that we can propose to ourselves today: an international left news site available every day to the millions of readers in five languages simultaneously, combining efforts of organizations from different countries, with contents of the widest variety of topics that can nourish the different international editions of each national newspaper.The digital Left News Network is for us an international "collective organizer". Part of the daily battle to build a revolutionary left rooted in the working class and the youth of various countries. It seeks to play a vanguard role, expanding the possibilities of organizations and the internationalist unity necessary to do battle against imperialist capitalism and build a new society without exploiters or exploited, without oppressors and without oppressed.
License Free
Version 1.8
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up